I'm a graphic designer from Newcastle City, Australia

So here it is… After many years as a graphic designer working for national television and music companies, I felt the urge to start something of my own.

Enter hot sauce. My passion for creating my own hot sauce product grew further after I realised I couldn’t find the perfect blend of flavour and heat in any of the commercial varieties.

With my adequate skills in the kitchen, I started thinking up recipes that I would love and that would compliment the food I enjoy. This gave way for the creation of my three flagship hot sauces; Los Muertos, The Craftsman and The Twitcher. Then my small batch crafted hot sauce company was created.

Welcome to the Nimble Union

Los Muertos was designed as the ideal table sauce to go with classic tex-mex food. Whenever sitting in a burrito shop, I always wanted that little bit extra and now I have it in Los Muertos.

The Craftsman was inspired by my dad’s insatiable hunger for hot and peppery foods. He loves to smother everything in black pepper and hot sauce. This is a real gentleman’s hot sauce, crafted with very fine and intricate details to the recipe to add a bold and exciting flavour.

The trio couldn’t be complete without a hot sauce that takes the heat to the next level. The Twitcher not only conjures up imagery of the heat level this hot sauce offers, but perfectly represents the birds eye chillies used in the sauce. This sauce was inspired by my mum’s frenetic passion for bird watching; she is the true twitcher here. 

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