Shipping + Sales

Domestic shipping

Domestic shipping  will be charged by weight for any postage throughout Australia.

International shipping

We do offer international shipping but charges will vary depending on your region and the weight of the parcel.

Shipping times

All online orders will be fulfilled within 2 business days and generally arrive within 3-5 business days once posted but please allow for up to 8 business days for Australia and 15 business days internationally.

Express postage

We don’t currently offer express postage.

Where can I find Nimble Union Hot Sauce locally?

Currently we only have sales online and at certain markets in the Newcastle City area. We are working on finding local, national and international retailers that would suit stocking the Nimble Union product line.

Will I be charged tax when buying sauce online?

For Australian online sales, tax is included in the price. For international countries, some may require import taxes such as VAT which will be added at checkout.

Do you sell in bulk?

Sure do! Check out our wholesale page for more info or email us at


Can I get a refund?

On items that are unopened, you may be eligible to a refund within 14 days of purchase.

What if my product was damaged in transit?

You will need to submit photos of the damaged items and once they have been assessed and approved, you will be entitled to a full refund or a replacement.

What if I don't like the product?

We try our best to make every customer happy. If you have any queries or problems with one of our products, please email us at

Everything Else

Should I refrigerate the sauce after opening?

All of our sauces are shelf stable and can be kept in a cupboard after opening them. But for maximum freshness and the best flavour, refrigeration is recommended.

What is the shelf life of the sauce?

All sauces should last at least 12 months.

Are they gluten free?

Yes, but not certified gluten free.

Are they vegan?

Yes, and always will be.

Do you use extracts?

No and we never will. I’m not a fan of extracts.

Do you use artificial thickening agents or artificial colours?

Whilst we have nothing against Xanthan gum, none of our sauces contain any thickening agents. We don’t use any artificial colours either. Our sauces are all natural. What is listed on the bottle are the only things in it.

Is the sauce Australian made?

Yes, our sauces are all made in Newcastle City, Australia.

My hot sauce is not as hot as last time I had it, why is that?

At Nimble Union we always strive to maintain consistency in our hot sauces by ensuring that same conditions are replicated each time we grow, harvest and craft our hot sauces. Due to our commitment to using fresh chillies organically grown and hand picked, there may be slight variations in the heat level of the chillies.

I have a different question

No problem. You can email us at or just use our online contact form.

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